I was born in Zimbabwe to a Belgian mother and Dominican father who used to read guidebooks (e.g. Mammals of Southern Africa) and take me to the bush from an early age. That, coupled with having lived in Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Tanzania, and Mozambique as a child, instilled an innate love for the outdoors and wildlife.

I followed my hearts’ calling and joined the Eco Training Field Guide course in South Africa. Photography became my go-to activity while out in the bush. It helped me see the world through a new lens and appreciate the smaller details in life.  A lot has happened since those days under the Southern African sun - love brought me to West Cork in Ireland, then to the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean, and now to Kenya. However throughout it all my photographic journey has been an endless expedition in search of knowledge.

 My love for Africa’s extremely diverse biodiversity never died, and my passion for photography grows constantly. Thanks to technological advances and the connectivity of the internet, I was able to improve my photography skills irrespective of where I was. This website contains the fruits of my passion and labour over the last few years. I hope you enjoy it.

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